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Fall in love with feeling good and the joy of movement



A dynamic blend inspired by dance, martial arts & healing practices, is a path to condition your body, mind, emotions & spirit through movement & music.

stability, mobility, strength and flexibility

Teacher led routines are carefully crafted for the design of the human body to make sure all of you receives the health and fitness results where you need it. 

Nia movements have been distilled trough over 30 years of somatic conditioning practice and are simple and easy to learn.  Practiced barefoot to a variety of  continuous music, you choose your intensity, adapting Nia’s 52 moves for your needs.  

Awareness, empowerment

Nia teaches you to stay aware of your body through class to get the right results & feel empowered.  

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Melt Method

Ease discomfort and tension in your body, rebalance your nervous system and rehydrate your tissue.

Release tension

Through a series of easy, precise techniques using a soft body roller and small balls, this self -care program rehydrates connective tissue, which allows the body to release long-held tension.

This “stuck stress” – created by the repetitive motions and postures of daily living – is the true cause of most common aches, pains, and chronic symptoms.

MELT also rebalances the nervous system and boosts the body’s natural healing and repair mechanisms.


Immediate results, lasting changes

You can notice the results of MELT in your first session. Over time, MELT continues to heighten your body’s ability to repair and heal itself which can lead to remarkable, lasting changes.

MELT improves:

  • Flexibility & Mobility
  • Posture
  • Core Strength
  • Sleep & Digestion
  • Overall Wellbeing

MELT reduces:

  • Aches & Pains
  • Chronic Pain
  • Tension
  • The Effects of Aging
  • Headaches
  • Risk of Injury

Contact us at (905) 877-3452 or to discuss getting started with the MELT Method


Let's get moving.

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Mary Baxter

The profound transformation integrated, joyful movement can have inspires me. 

My mission is to make living in your body more authentic, healthy and happier place to be.

I create classes, workshops and retreats where you feel strong,  healthy and grateful through conditioning, body awareness, great music and a supportive, friendly community.

Over 15 years ago, I began Nia to reduce stress, find joy and avoid knee surgery.  In 2013 I began MELT Method training with MELT founder Sue Hitzmann due to its ability to help people achieve full pain free living.

I have been teaching and facilitating in nia technique and healthy movement for over 12 years and continue to feel health benefits in myself and in the students around me.

When not teaching, Mary can be found hiking the trails and spending time with her two daughters.

I look forward to moving with you.

My Training

Nia Technique, 2004
Jiwani Drum and Dance Troupe, 2007-2010
Nia 5 Stages, 2008
MELT Method Foundation Hand and Foot, 2012
MELT Method Roller Level 1, 2014
Nia Moving to Heal, 2016
Nia Move I.T., 2017
Expressive Arts Certificate, Presently


Born To Move

Mary Baxter, Movement Specialist - Nia and MELT Method