Condition your body, mind, & spirit through movement & music.

2019/2020 registration options

2019/2020 Nia Class Registration 

40 x weeks of classes starts September 23, 2019 and runs until August, 2020
Pay for the whole year (for discount and rewards)

OR chose convenient pass options.

Class Passes available

  • 20 Class Pass $ 320 +HST - Expires August 2020

  • 10 Class Pass $ 175 +HST - Expires August 2020

  • 5 Class Pass $ 92 +HST - Expires August 2020

  • NEW STUDENT Your first class pass above is 30% off

  • I’M ALL IN! Full year special 2x20 class passes purchased before Oct. 31,2019 . Save $20, Exclusive gift, Future passes 40% off plus……


Classic Nia

The basic Nia style most practiced in over 45 countries for over 40 years.

A fun, welcoming  group fitness class using 52 moves based on the design of the human body- your body.  Improve overall health and conditioning with an emphasis on community and finding self-expression.

Classes: Monday AM 9:30 / Tuesday PM 5:00 / Thursday AM 9:30

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Moving to Heal

Feel better through Movement. A slightly slower pace with the goal of mindfulness and deepening your body awareness to improve over all function. Whether you are just starting fitness, healing from an injury or want some help managing stress, use this one hour class to return to centre and feel calm.

Class : Sunday AM 10:30

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Move IT

A 55-minute higher intensity class to take the 52 moves - and your body - to the next level of conditioning and self-mastery. Move IT classes are distinguished by one minute intervals that  both isolate and integrate nia movements and choreography.

Class : Sunday AM 9:30


All classes take place at the Georgetown Aikido Studio, 29 Armstrong Ave., Unit 4 (back door entrance), Georgetown ON

What to expect from a Nia Class

Nia is for body, mind and soul. Nia routines provide continuous movement designed to improve ‘functional’ fitness. It includes cardio and toning. As well as flexibility, joint mobility, stability, agility and stress relief. All this fitness happens while you focus on enjoying great music in a supportive, friendly community! 

Nia Classes are between 60-70 min. A class follows this structure:

  • Step in - Every class has a specific focus. 

  • Warm up - Turn on your metabolism, tune in your mind & lubricate your joints

  • Get moving -  Bring up your heart rate and exhilaration 

  • Cool down - Enjoy moving with ease & transition to the floor

  • Stretching & Floor Play - Align, heal, integrate and enhance range of motion

  • Stillness and/or moving meditation - Return to your centre

  • Step out - Every class to be in gratitude and a sense of clarity 


5 Ways to make your Nia class experience magnificent

  • Dress to feel good –Wear comfortable clothing. Layers are a good option. Bring Water.

  • Take off your shoes – Use the 7,000 nerve endings to move safely & efficiently

  • Follow your body’s way – This means never force a move. Listen to your body!  Change any move that causes discomfort.

  • Use your whole body – Commit to moving all of you, every class, in a variety of movements 

  • Protect your knees – When lowering your body weight, feel your buttocks move back. Keep your knees over the feet and behind the toes.

Mary’s classes are one of my favourite parts of the week. So high energy, moving joyfully, while also nurturing the soul. Grateful to be a part of this wonderful community.
— Jeannine