MELT Method

Melt Method

Ease discomfort and tension in your body, improve performance and rebalance your nervous system.

Release tension

Release long-held tension with easy, precise techniques using a soft body roller and small balls;  to feel better and to improve all activities in your life.

A MELT Method self -care program  you teaches you tools to ease body stress created by:

repetitive motions, unhealthy postures and habits of daily living - the real cause of most chronic aches and pains.

Boost your body's natural healing and repair by learning to rehydrate stuck tissue with MELT Method.


Immediate results, lasting changes

You'll notice the results of MELT in your first session.

Over time, MELT can continue to help you create lasting changes.

MELT improves:

  • Flexibility & Mobility

  • Posture

  • Core Strength

  • Sleep & Digestion

  • Overall Wellbeing

MELT reduces:

  • Chronic Aches & Pains

  • The Effects of Aging

  • Headaches

  • Risk of Injury

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