Empower Healthy Living

OCT 27 -NOV 3

Vibrant, health-conscious, wellness retreat for Women and Men

Are you experiencing chronic health symptoms and know there are easy, effective natural ways to maintain more ease and vitality? Are you unsure which choices are best  or how to fit them into your busy life?

Join Cathy Kuindersma N.D and Mary Baxter, Movement Specialist at a resort specialized in Wellness retreats in the beautiful Costa Rica. Hacienda Del Sol. 

Your Problem:

Your lifestyle habits and past challenges are adding up to some nagging discomforts and you know you need to do something about them now, but don’t have time to figure it out on your own.

Or perhaps a health symptom or crisis has demanded you stand up and pay attention to your present lifestyle.  You are motivated but need more support.

You want a healthy retreat but most are too serious, too long or too intense

You want a nourishing get away, but a regular holiday requires too much self-discipline to keep it really healthy. Desert trolley anyone?

You want to make some changes in your life but can’t add one more should to your “To Do” list.

When you arrive home you are back where you started.

Help is on the way.  Body|Mind|Soul

We have booked an entire eco-friendly retreat centre in the famous blue-zone of Costa Rica and put over 35 years of combined expertise of a Naturopathic Dr and Movement specialist to give you a week to reboot and help get to the nagging health and wellness concerns you have been ignoring or have not been able to address.

Come away with the 5 simple personalized steps chosen by you that inspire you and will most impact your health and energy.

Based on modern science, tailored to you.

Gut brain, biomarkers, fascia, epigenetics, cellular hydration, mitochondria…Today’s research and science for successful natural aging has exploded and can be overwhelming with all the buzz words to go along with it.  We’ve got you covered.

 ......healthy and gives you energy !

......healthy and gives you energy !


Based on the body and the latest science Mary and Cathy have designed fun, informative experiential workshops where we’ll demystify the research, and most important help you understand what these findings might mean for your personal situation.


We chose your retreat location Hacienda Del Sol with your success in mind.  No self discipline needed. 

The natural setting and exclusive booking will immediately lull you into the peace you’re looking for. No wifi in your hacienda will keep the outside world at bay, yet wifi in the lounge can keep you in touch with loved ones. 

Abundant, organic delicious food means you never have to go hungry or say “no”.  Yes, yes, yes!  More please.

 Say YES to delicious, healthy food and drinks

Say YES to delicious, healthy food and drinks

And did we mention the easy going fun?  We know laughter, friendship, kindness and good times keep us as youthful as our food choices.

Give yourself the vitality reboot. Remember what it’s like to feel ease in the joints and body, mentally clear and emotionally peaceful.  The best state for healing and repair.

 Simply Joy

Simply Joy

Taking it home.

Your lifestyle “To Do” list is probably filled with  unrealistic, uninspired goals short on self- compassion.

At Empower Healthy Aging you will learn the models that suit you best, you will come away with 4-6 small goals for success and your plan to implement them in an easy way that supports your present life.

Whether you want to improve a chronic condition or specific health challenge, or simply want the best strategies to stay vital and youthful, we’ve distilled the mind-numbing array of options so you get to the pieces that will impact your life the most.

Big unrealistic soul crushing “shoulds” will be replaced by a list of doable, inspired self care.

Which ultimately means the effects of the retreat will be with you long after you return home in being deeply nourished and rested, filled with warm memories AND a clear easy way to integrate some fresh habits into your busy life.

October 27 to November 3, 2018

your retreat includes :

  • Eco Chic Accommodation (double occupancy)

  • High quality low carb, anti-inflammatory meals, snacks & smoothies

  • Daily MELT fascial release class

  • Interactive workshops with a Naturopathic Doctor to learn what you need to know from the latest research

  • Help finding wellness options most suitable for you

  • Hiking, beach time and nature

  • Mindful Movement and Nia

  • WI-FI areas to keep in touch; yet no Wi-Fi in your room to help you to disconnect from stress

  • Prices from USD $ 1,995 includes 13% Tax

PLUS You'll get:

  • Sunset Boat Tour

  • MELT Method roller with program to take home

  • Specialized Cookbook

  • Workshop supports (print materials or emailed to you)

  • An inspired easy plan co-created with you to keep momentum

  • Healthy meal-to-go to avoid airport food

  • Relaxing location with salt water pool

Not included:

  • Airfare to Costa Rica

  • Single room supplement

  • Airport transfer (organized Hacienda del Sol driver)

  • Some Optional Services and Excursions (i.e. Kayak tour, Spa etc.)

  • Optional end of week gratuity

Our Team:


Cathy Kuindersma B.Sc., N.D.

Health is a reflection of one's physical, emotional and spiritual balance. I'm committed to help my patients overcome their obstacles to achieve that balance. My goal is to inspire my patients to make changes in their health that will allow them to live full, healthy and happy lives.

CAND (Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors) CONO (College of Naturopaths of Ontario-licensing board) OAND (Ontario association of Naturopathic Doctors) AANP (American Association of Naturopathic Doctors)



Mary Baxter Movement Specialist

My mission is to make living in your body a more authentic, healthy and a happier place to be. I built Born to Move, to create classes, workshops and retreats where you feel strong,  healthy and grateful through conditioning, body awareness, great music and a supportive, friendly community.

White Belt Nia Technique, 2004
MELT Method Foundation Hand and Foot, 2012
MELT Method Roller Level 1, 2014
Nia Moving to Heal, 2016  Hike Leader Training 2017


Cathy Wassermann, Vision Travel

I founded Wassermann Retreats to share my passion for travel and wellness. Since 1985 I've been matching my client's dreams with fabulous destination partners.   I love  Yoga, Nia, Hiking, Cycling and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It's only natural to use my travel experience to help Retreat Leaders organize, book and host life-changing retreats. 

My dream is to provide you the opportunity to have meaningful travel experiences that will impact and change your life forever. We all need a journey to wellness!