My Biggest Take Away from Nia Training with Britta Von Tagen

Stepping into the Joy of Moving with Nia Trainer Britta Von Tagen

Stepping into the Joy of Moving with Nia Trainer Britta Von Tagen

The Promise of Nia

Twenty three of us from across North America came to the Georgetown Aikido Dojo in August and immersed ourselves in the skill, kindness and enthusiasm of International Nia Trainer Britta Von Tagen

Each Nia training I attend offers something special. So what made this one unique?

First of all, the concepts Britta taught felt really clear. Also, I didn’t have the usual bleary-eyed tiredness; although the 11 hour days were long and active.

And then the uniqueness dawned on me.

Every concept began with movement; with a somatic - body- experience first before Britta introduced rationales, ideas and left brain words. Often these movement intros were playful and felt satisfying.

Her degree as an educator and 30 years of practicing Nia have taught her a few things about teaching everyone - not just children.

On Day 4 during our subject of “Delivering the Promise of Nia” Britta reminded us what many know and science is firmly proving:

Learning happens best through movement

I agree!

And in this fast paced world change is everywhere and the pressure to learn is continuous. Whether it is setting up a new computer, remembering your way in a city or navigating a relationship every aspect of our life is enhanced by moving.

Yet, our car-desk-chair culture puts so many limitations on our movement potential.

Your life depends on you moving.

So imagine a walk around the block while doing taxes is as practical and helpful to our success as having a calculator or sharpening a pencil.

It also means the day you feel low, uninspired or an ache may be the BEST day to get to your class.

The goal of Nia and MELT Method class is to give you the tools and ability to bring movement into your whole life where your learning happens.

To bring more ease into your day.

I LOVE sharing them with you. I am especially inspired from Britta’s insightful training. Watch out world.

Leave a comment below with your favourite ways to move in and out of your fitness class.

I hope to see you on the movement floor sometime. 2019 year starts Sept 23, 2019 (Nia) and Oct 18 (MELT Method).