The Difference Between a Retreat and a Holiday

A week ago 20 of us rocked the Ecology Retreat Centre for the Art of Healing. 

A friendly, empowering getaway has to be the best way to re-energize, get clear and feel loved..all while having a good time (and good food!)

This is the 9th retreat I have facilitated/co-facilitated. 

I've learned a couple of things about why retreats so powerfully transform peoples' lives.

First of all, a retreat is not exactly a holiday.

The basic difference can be summed up by thinking of your  "to do" list. 

A holiday is like putting your To Do" list aside and avoiding it for a week or two while you have a great time (hopefully) Whoot Whoot!!

On a holiday, you are more inclined to say, "I need a holiday to get over my holiday.". Then you get back to the extra work that has piled up using the same habits and outlook as before.

Through a retreat, you DO your "to do" list.  You bring it with you. 

The retreat is structured for you on purpose.   The goal is not to Get Away; It is to Get All In!

The moment you register your life starts to shift as you anticipate your experience: 

During a retreat,  there are some common threads to help you :

  • Clear intention about what you want to shift in your life
  • A good schedule balance of structured time, activities and time for relaxing
  • Getting to know one another,  building connections, community and trust
  • Beautiful settings, often in nature, to remind you how connected you are
  • More simplicity.  Healthy choices made for you such as food and scheduled movement
  • Time for self reflection and getting clear about what is important to you

So when you return home from retreat you feel a deep sense of satisfaction that can energize a happier, more fulfilled you. 

Because really,  you are not doing just any "To Do List", you are getting to your "Life To Do" list.  The list that gnaws away at you. That makes you dislike your job, feel unsatisfied with how you spend your time and dread getting up in the morning. 

The list of I SHOULDS that cause overwhelm and sucks your vital life force.  

Overwhelm is manageable You can feel gratitude for what you are living right now; even if it is a bit messy -  AND you probably will pick up a healthy habit, new outlook or return to something you love and dropped aside. 

This is what happens on a Born to Move retreat.  It is kind of a super holiday with structure in place to help you feel better and happier.

Born to Move has one more retreat in 2018 and plans are underway for 2019. 
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I look forward connecting with retreat goers everywhere and hope to start building the special relationships that retreats foster.

In joy,  Mary