Mary's Story: Why create a retreat to empower healthy living?

At age 48 I was diagnosed with a breast tumour.  After lots of soul searching and research I decided to combine some chemotherapy with a more holistic approach.  This was tricky as there is so much information, mis-information and lots of opinions. It is a challenging time to start new habits; not eating sugar and refined carbohydrates, in particular was tough and mostly unsuccessful. 

I dove into my own life’s work, building Born to Move, helping 100’s of people increase their health and well-being through movement, body awareness and community with Nia Technique and MELT method.

Yet, will power and self discipline for my own health are not my strongest suit. An opportunity to take time away from my regular routine and immerse in a supportive environment to solidify my healthy life choices has been on my radar ever since.  

Every program I found was too far, too long or too intense. Finally, when I came across Hacienda Del Sol in Costa Rica, my plan started to fall into place.

Six years after that diagnosis, Cathy has helped me stay on track providing the most up to date information she learns at conferences with her passion for life long learning. It was a lifesaver to have a person to trust especially when thrown off track by too many options or worried about set backs.  She is grounded in real life; knowing that relationships, laughter and managing stress are as important to healing and vitality as physical habits; that smart, curious determined women like me can be hard on ourselves and short on self- compassion.

Cathy, the owner of Georgetown Naturopathic and Wellness Centre practicing for over 23 years, was the natural fit to help create a well rounded, scientifically sound, fun and relaxing co-adventure in self care.

Whether you are looking to recharge for a week or have more pressing health concerns and need to set some new approaches, join us at Hacienda Del Sol to EMPOWER your HEALTHY LIVING.