My Biggest Take Away from Nia Training with Britta Von Tagen

Stepping into the Joy of Moving with Nia Trainer Britta Von Tagen

Stepping into the Joy of Moving with Nia Trainer Britta Von Tagen

The Promise of Nia

Twenty three of us from across North America came to the Georgetown Aikido Dojo in August and immersed ourselves in the skill, kindness and enthusiasm of International Nia Trainer Britta Von Tagen

Each Nia training I attend offers something special. So what made this one unique?

First of all, the concepts Britta taught felt really clear. Also, I didn’t have the usual bleary-eyed tiredness; although the 11 hour days were long and active.

And then the uniqueness dawned on me.

Every concept began with movement; with a somatic - body- experience first before Britta introduced rationales, ideas and left brain words. Often these movement intros were playful and felt satisfying.

Her degree as an educator and 30 years of practicing Nia have taught her a few things about teaching everyone - not just children.

On Day 4 during our subject of “Delivering the Promise of Nia” Britta reminded us what many know and science is firmly proving:

Learning happens best through movement

I agree!

And in this fast paced world change is everywhere and the pressure to learn is continuous. Whether it is setting up a new computer, remembering your way in a city or navigating a relationship every aspect of our life is enhanced by moving.

Yet, our car-desk-chair culture puts so many limitations on our movement potential.

Your life depends on you moving.

So imagine a walk around the block while doing taxes is as practical and helpful to our success as having a calculator or sharpening a pencil.

It also means the day you feel low, uninspired or an ache may be the BEST day to get to your class.

The goal of Nia and MELT Method class is to give you the tools and ability to bring movement into your whole life where your learning happens.

To bring more ease into your day.

I LOVE sharing them with you. I am especially inspired from Britta’s insightful training. Watch out world.

Leave a comment below with your favourite ways to move in and out of your fitness class.

I hope to see you on the movement floor sometime. 2019 year starts Sept 23, 2019 (Nia) and Oct 18 (MELT Method).

Newfoundland 2020 - Our Sunset

our sunset woody-island-resort.jpg

I could have added lots of sunset photos from Newfoundland; but I didn't. I added this one.
It's from Outrageously Happy 2018 on Woody Island
We watched this sunset just before our summer campfire when Elaine told us the hilarious story of scoring against her own team in high school basketball.
Anyone can find images of spectacular scenery and good times in Newfoundland.
But this is our sunset. For Real.
And in July 2020 we have set the stage for warm-hearted connection, body love and a good dollop of outrageous happiness.
And sunsets.

The Village. Finding Connection


The Village.

We used to be connected automatically to community and now it is trickier than ever.

I've been noticing connection recently in class. A new student will find a past acquaintance when she arrives, friends registering together and new friendships forming.

Last Thursday, my colleague Sarah Jean brought her Jesus Christ Superstar rock opera Nia for the 3rd year.

We had a record number of students-over 30 peeps- in the room. People came from London and people brought family members.

So much fun.

I was struck by how a few strands of connection started years ago keeps weaving and strengthening into a solid web.

A web that offers support, meaning and a sense of belonging that I am thankful for each day.

Thank you to the fabulous crew who were able to make the class and all of you who connect and support each other thru classes, events and retreats.

The Difference Between a Retreat and a Holiday

A week ago 20 of us rocked the Ecology Retreat Centre for the Art of Healing. 

A friendly, empowering getaway has to be the best way to re-energize, get clear and feel loved..all while having a good time (and good food!)

This is the 9th retreat I have facilitated/co-facilitated. 

I've learned a couple of things about why retreats so powerfully transform peoples' lives.

First of all, a retreat is not exactly a holiday.

The basic difference can be summed up by thinking of your  "to do" list. 

A holiday is like putting your To Do" list aside and avoiding it for a week or two while you have a great time (hopefully) Whoot Whoot!!

On a holiday, you are more inclined to say, "I need a holiday to get over my holiday.". Then you get back to the extra work that has piled up using the same habits and outlook as before.

Through a retreat, you DO your "to do" list.  You bring it with you. 

The retreat is structured for you on purpose.   The goal is not to Get Away; It is to Get All In!

The moment you register your life starts to shift as you anticipate your experience: 

During a retreat,  there are some common threads to help you :

  • Clear intention about what you want to shift in your life
  • A good schedule balance of structured time, activities and time for relaxing
  • Getting to know one another,  building connections, community and trust
  • Beautiful settings, often in nature, to remind you how connected you are
  • More simplicity.  Healthy choices made for you such as food and scheduled movement
  • Time for self reflection and getting clear about what is important to you

So when you return home from retreat you feel a deep sense of satisfaction that can energize a happier, more fulfilled you. 

Because really,  you are not doing just any "To Do List", you are getting to your "Life To Do" list.  The list that gnaws away at you. That makes you dislike your job, feel unsatisfied with how you spend your time and dread getting up in the morning. 

The list of I SHOULDS that cause overwhelm and sucks your vital life force.  

Overwhelm is manageable You can feel gratitude for what you are living right now; even if it is a bit messy -  AND you probably will pick up a healthy habit, new outlook or return to something you love and dropped aside. 

This is what happens on a Born to Move retreat.  It is kind of a super holiday with structure in place to help you feel better and happier.

Born to Move has one more retreat in 2018 and plans are underway for 2019. 
Don't miss a thing! 
I am creating some updates for your inbox when there are new retreat dates, deals and details.  To respect inboxes, the only way to get on this list is to sign up for it. 


I look forward connecting with retreat goers everywhere and hope to start building the special relationships that retreats foster.

In joy,  Mary

Outrageous Happiness - The Deets on Nia in Newfoundland 2018

Exploring Coves on the way to Woody Island

Halton Region Small Business centre offers free one-on-one coaching. (I highly recommend it for your business. See link below)  Last week, we filled in a form about what makes the Newfoundland Nia trip special.  Here is what I wrote:

The Newfoundland Nia retreat is mostly for: friendly, active 40+ women who love to move, have fun with others and see new places but who don't want to organize it, worry about transportation or be part of a ridged bus tour.

We have created: a week long get away that includes moving and dancing nia, good food, fun activities and exploring interesting places at an easy pace.

This will help participants: have an active, refreshing all-inclusive week without the headache of renting cars, getting bored in one place or choosing underwhelming experiences

Newfoundland 2018 is different because: insider Elaine Dunphy is on the ground  and has searched out a variety of unique, high quality places and experiences.
People will feel happy, healthy and  get a real taste of Newfoundland without managing aches and stiffness from too much driving or the exhaustion of a whirlwind tour.

Do you relate?  Does this sound like you?  Are you looking for something that really spices up  your summer?

Mary's Story: Why create a retreat to empower healthy living?

At age 48 I was diagnosed with a breast tumour.  After lots of soul searching and research I decided to combine some chemotherapy with a more holistic approach.  This was tricky as there is so much information, mis-information and lots of opinions. It is a challenging time to start new habits; not eating sugar and refined carbohydrates, in particular was tough and mostly unsuccessful. 

I dove into my own life’s work, building Born to Move, helping 100’s of people increase their health and well-being through movement, body awareness and community with Nia Technique and MELT method.

Yet, will power and self discipline for my own health are not my strongest suit. An opportunity to take time away from my regular routine and immerse in a supportive environment to solidify my healthy life choices has been on my radar ever since.  

Every program I found was too far, too long or too intense. Finally, when I came across Hacienda Del Sol in Costa Rica, my plan started to fall into place.

Six years after that diagnosis, Cathy has helped me stay on track providing the most up to date information she learns at conferences with her passion for life long learning. It was a lifesaver to have a person to trust especially when thrown off track by too many options or worried about set backs.  She is grounded in real life; knowing that relationships, laughter and managing stress are as important to healing and vitality as physical habits; that smart, curious determined women like me can be hard on ourselves and short on self- compassion.

Cathy, the owner of Georgetown Naturopathic and Wellness Centre practicing for over 23 years, was the natural fit to help create a well rounded, scientifically sound, fun and relaxing co-adventure in self care.

Whether you are looking to recharge for a week or have more pressing health concerns and need to set some new approaches, join us at Hacienda Del Sol to EMPOWER your HEALTHY LIVING.