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Nia Technique & Melt Method workshops are led by Mary Baxter, who shares her knowledge, joy and approach to each method.  Workshops are offered throughout the year, allowing you to become immersed in the joy of movement and increased well-being over the course of an afternoon, a weekend or a series of weeks.

Join me for these uniquely informative and transformative workshops. You do not need to be enrolled in classes to attend a workshop or special event.

All workshops can be registered by contacting Mary Baxter:


Nia Infusion Workshop: An infusion of Nia Classic in a 2-hour format, allowing you to explore & NOURISH yourself with dance. This popular Nia Infusion experience is in its 6th year! Visit this page for the Nia Infusion Workshop.

Date: varies and sent out in newsletter

Time: 10:00-Noon
Location: usually 
The Dance Class, Milton

Nia Routine Immersion Workshop:  Experience, review and learn one of the upcoming class routines. A great way to deepen your knowledge and build confidence while getting your weekly workout.

Date: Stay tuned to the newsletter
Cost: $30.00

Nia and Astrology Workshop: This certificate series consists of 6 modules to dance through your personal birth planets with Astrologer Christiane May.  It’s offered at various times throughout the year. Dance Your Elements on Halloween is the foundation course for this full series.

   Learn more about on the full 6 module series  on this page.

MELT Method, Foundation:  MELT Method workshops run frequently in southern Ontario.   The born to Move newsletter provides updates—or check out the live schedule.

 New workshops can arise at any time:  Date & time updates will be available on the Born to Move newsletter, subscribe today to choose your interests and stay in the loop.

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