FAQ Sheet for NIA

 Welcome to Born to Move ~ holistic fitness! Here’s a FAQ sheet about my Nia classes:

1.   Classes are between 60 – 70 minutes long.

  • Class Focus & Stepping In… I set a specific focus for each class. Set your intention.
  • Warm Up… to turn on your metabolism, tune in your mind and lubricate your joints.
  • Get Moving… to bring up your heart rate and rev up your exhilaration.
  • Cool Down… to enjoy moving with ease and transition to the floor.
  • Stretching & Floor Play… to align, heal, integrate, and enhance range of motion.
  • Stillness… and/or moving meditation to return to your centre.
  • Step Out… of Nia and engage more fully in the next moment of your life.

2.   Wear comfortable clothes you enjoy. Layers work well. Bare feet are best to use your 7,000 nerve endings. Leather bottom slippers are ok, too.

3. Bring water.

4.   Nia is based on 52 moves for whole body conditioning.  We dance a base routine for 2-4 weeks. To intensify your work out, use more of the space around you – bend knees deeper and reach higher; this is called level 3. Level 1 works closer to the core. At all times, adapt the routine to suit your body. “Tweak” any move to make it more comfortable.

5.   My Guarantee:  I so believe in the power of Nia to enhance your wellbeing, if you come to weekly class for a month and don’t feel improvements, I will refund your money, including the month of classes.

6.   Need to miss a class? Make it up at another weekly Nia or MELT Method class within the session. You may also bring a friend to use a missed class. There are no refunds or credits for unused classes. Weather cancellation follows the school board.

7.   Enjoy learning new things about your body, mind & spirit through Nia. Active students receive Born to Move emails about 1x week to keep you in the loop. You can sign up or change your options at

8.   See me for tips on personalizing your practice. Check out lots more information at Nia HQ:

Contact me at with any comments, questions or concerns on any aspect of your Nia Experience.

With joy,


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