What Students Say

A few great words from our students!

“Thank you for helping me find my post baby groove.” Amy, student

“If you are a person who loves to move to all kinds of music, you’ll love Nia with Mary. Mary’s style is entertaining, playful and dynamic. She welcomes people with open arms and has a gift for making those in her presence feel comfortable. Nia provides flow funk power and integration. After a Nia class I feel more grounded, kind of like after a good yoga session. But with Nia, the path is a lot more fun!” Kim, Milton

“I’m really enjoying your class, it makes me feel young and flirty again instead of fifty-and frumpy. Thanks”  Vij,  Brookville

“I have been meaning to email and tell you that Nia is FABULOUS. Mary, you are wonderful & exhilarating and made me a fan of Nia through my first introduction. You made us feel so comfortable as you guided us in a fun, free flowing way. I am usually self conscious, but through your class that seemed to disappear. Perhaps it was your choice of music, your enthusiasm, my bare feet on the grass or the opportunity to touch a place I haven’t been before. Nia is wonderful and I plan to delve into it again.” Jodi, Workshop Participant

“What I like about Nia is that I’m dancing again. Mary effortlessly demonstrates steps from the routines at all the intensity levels.  Mary brings her knowledge and talent for other dance forms to class as well as her open, positive and encouraging personality.  The class is always over way to soon for me. I leave feeling calm, revitalized and ready for the day.” Karen, Milton

“Nia helps me feel invigorated and connected to my physical, emotional and spiritual self. It allows me to move independently or interact with others around me.  I love the freedom in movement and the flexibility to take it to the level that suits my mood and energy.  Mary’s classes are lively and full of fun.  Mary’s moves are inspiring without being intimidating. I leave each class feeling both calm and re-energized.” Nancy, Milton

“I like the idea of letting myself be free. The ability to let myself go is invigorating.  I’ve lost weight, gained muscle, gained body awareness, flexibility and have more energy. The best part….IT”S FUN!!! Betty, Workplace Fitness Program

“I love Nia, It is great exercise, but it doesn’t feel like work; just fun. Mary makes it a fun time out and has that wonderful quality of really caring about people. I feel good in body and soul. Her classes keep me coming back…its a good addiction!” Diane, Milton

“Thank You for sharing your passion and expertise with us.  The women really enjoyed the experiences you provided” Renata Bradshaw, Co-Director, Camp Wenonah-Women’s Weekend

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