Mary BaxterI began practicing Nia Fitness in 2000 to shake off stress and help heal a knee injury.  From the start, I was impressed by the health and fitness benefits found in my body and in the many students who were also practicing Nia Fitness around me.

The simple yet profound transformation that integrated joyful movement can have inspired me to, start the intense teacher certification process; eventually gaining my Blue Belt Status and then my Green Belt teaching specialty. And, today I continue to see the benefits of Nia Fitness in the bodies and lives of my own Nia students, here at Born To Move.

I am licensed to teach Nia 5 Stages- a healing movement practice based on the 5 stages of human development and certified in Moving to Heal Training with Nia co-creator Debbie Rosas in 2016.

“I like the idea of letting myself be free.  The ability to let myself go is invigorating.   I’ve lost weight, gained muscle, gained body awareness, flexibility and have more energy.  The best part….IT”S FUN!!!”

Betty, Workplace Fitness Program

I am also a fully certified MELT Method instructor, taking my training levels with Sue Hitzmann, the creator of MELT Method in 2013, I introduced the MELT Method at Born To Move.

MELT provides the tools to help students stay pain free and improve their performance.  It is a unique self-care system using precise techniques with a SOFT roller and specialized balls, to prevent pain, enhance any activity and erase negative effects of daily living and aging.

Experiencing Worldly Treasures

Before Nia, and for many years, I studied and performed West African Style Dance under the direction of Adwoa Badoe. As a result, I’ve also incorporated this dance mood in many of my workshops.

One of my popular workshops is the 6 module, self-experience workshop, called “Astrology and Nia” co-facilitated with Astrologer, Christiane May. This unique workshop is for new and experienced students in astrology, who dance and move through the energy of their personal birth planet configuration.

“…astrology is the Mother of all Knowledge and all wisdom…”

– Sri Goswami Kriyananda
The Wisdom and Way of Astrology

I am also enrolled in an Expressive Arts Certificate at Sir Sanford Fleming College, with the goal to expand and enriche my students lives and foster complete and holistic wellbeing.

MissionBorn to Move  My personal mission for the Born to Move studio is to provide a place for the joy of movement and a place to gather to create a positive impact for this community.

“I invite you to join me at any of my classes, events and workshops to experience the joy of fitness and dancing through life YOUR body’s way!”  Mary

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