What to bring & expect from your first class

Are you inspired to try your first class with Born To Move? 

First, thanks for taking the time to consider Born To Move. If you are about to register for any of Born to Move’s classes or workshops and wondering what to bring, this page will provide information on what to wear, when to arrive, and more.


Wear comfortable clothes you enjoy. Layers work well to accommodate warm-up and cool-down. Many prefer yoga or sweat pants. Please avoid metal items on clothing that could scratch the wooden floor.

Bring lots of water:  Bring water to drink. Born to Move studio strives to be an eco-conscious studio and hopes to reduce consumption of  disposable bottles.  So, if you forget water, Born to Move offers FREE water in lieu of you needing to pick up a disposable bottle.  Tip: Twenty four (24) litres of water passes though your tissue each day;  remember your water.


Going barefoot: All classes are done barefoot to use the 7,000 nerve endings on the bottom of each foot and to build foot and ankle strength. Slippers with some grip are the best alternative option, should you prefer not to go barefoot.

Arrive 10 minutes early: This will help you get ready for the class, select your preferred spot, not feel rushed and make friends with the Born To Move community.

Parking at all locations is free:  At the Born to Move studio, avoid parking on the road.

MELT Method: All MELT Method equipment is supplied. Bring a yoga mat to locations other than BorntoMove Studio

Relax and Get Ready to Smile: If you forget it one week, there are always lots to spare over at Born To Move!

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