Class Descriptions

Born To Move offers different classes and workshops to increase your fitness and enhance your feelings of wellbeing.


Classic Nia: 60 to 70 minutes of functional fusion fitness to enhance your physical, mental power and increase self expression and self awareness.  Runs weekly.

Nia and Essential Oils: Use the power and effect of  plant extracts called essential oils to bring focus, mood and intensity to your movement.  Learn more about the various plant extracts and their effects such as Lemon for Joy and Rosemary to energize. Runs monthly

Moves of Nia: Review Nia’s 52 Moves & practice routine combos.  Great for beginners; can also be used as a make-up class. Runs on occasion.

Nia Infusion (Workshop): Offered several times a year, an infusion of Nia in a longer format, for you to explore & NOURISH yourself with movement. This popular monthly, 2-hour Nia experience is in its 6th year.  Often includes guest teachers and expanded topics.

Nia Routine Immersion (Workshop): Experience, review and practice one of the upcoming class routines. A great way to deepen your knowledge of nia and build confidence while getting your weekly workout.

Express Yourself:  Outdoor class in nice weather.


MELT Method Weekly Class  Classic MELT Method techniques developed by Sue Hitzmann, creator of MELT. This class will give you what you need for a nourishing weekly boost to decrease accumulated stress and dehydration that causes aches and discomfort.

Private & Semi-Private Classes: MELT Method Instruction on a private and semi-private level is also available; including a 3 session get started package. Please visit the MELT Method Page for more information.

MELT Foundation (Workshop):   Hydrate fascia to ease any pain and improve your stability, efficiency and performance.  1.5 -hour to 1/2 day workshops focused on techniques with treatment balls and the soft foam rollers specifically designed for MELT.  Includes handouts and MELT Basics checklist.  Great to build your At-Home Practice or for future classes at Born To Move.

Many workshops run with Born to Move and lots of interesting and helpful topics.  The LIVE SCHEDULE or contacting Mary is you best way to stay up to date.


Nia and Astrology Workshop:  Nia facilitator Mary Baxter now offers a unique workshop series exploring your personal astrological chart through movement with astrologer Christiane May.  This is a 6 series foundational course where you learn your elemental birth mix (earth, air, water and fire), your sun and the basic zodiac energies, your Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. Discover and energize the depths of your personality and purpose not found in the average workshop. Nia and Astrology is offered at various times throughout the year.

Dancing Your Elements and Dancing Your Sun Sign Workshops.  Don’t miss out, these workshops run at various times. Email to let her know you are interested. Subscribe to the newsletter for specific date and time.


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