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What is the best way to keep your body strong & supple? Move it.
What is the best form of exercise? The one you stick with.

Halton Hills and Greater Toronto ON: If you’re looking for a pain free way to improve flexibility, strength and feel healthier, try Born to Move. Let Mary Baxter, certified Nia Fitness & MELT Method Instructor, help get you moving and keep you moving.

Join us to enjoy  Nia group fitness, MELT Method and more unique experiences to fall in love with feeling good and the joy of movement. Find the program that’s just right for you as you condition your body without boring your mind while connecting to a friendly welcoming community.

Born to Move offers exercise you’ll stick with on your wellness path.

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Nia Fitness
Nia is a path to conditioning your body through movement and music. A dynamic blend that borrows elements from dance, martial arts & healing practices, Nia has shown the bodies of millions of enthusiasts that exercise doesn’t have to hurt to deliver excellent results.

Nia is a barefoot practice that also addresses your mind, emotions and spirit. Mary leads each workout bringing mindfulness to your dance movement leaving you energized, mentally clear, and emotionally balanced. It is non-impact and adaptable to individual needs and abilities. You will experience both conditioning and healing where your body needs it.

We invite you to explore this exhilarating practice for yourself. Contact Born to Move and try Nia today. Learn More about Nia



How fit is your fascia?  Learn a series of easy, precise techniques using a soft body roller and specialized balls to ease discomfort and tension in your body, rebalance your nervous system and boost the body’s natural repair mechanisms. MELT Method reduces chronic pain, improves flexibility and mobility and is known to positively impact sleep and digestion.

Done in private sessions or group classes, this self -care program rehydrates your fascia (connective tissue), which allows the body to release long-held excess tension created by repetitive motions and postures of daily living. MELT helps you get to the root cause of most common body symptoms in a gentle, easy way and can improve performance in your favourite sport of activity.

Find out how MELT can help you whether you are on a healing path or maximizing your performance. Contact Born to Move today. Learn More about Melt Method


Workshops & Events

We don’t stop there.

Born to Move offers lots of interesting and healthy workshops,  events and retreats with Mary and other incredible teachers and community members.  The best way to keep in touch is sign up for the bi- monthly newsletter at the top of the page or check in with the calendar here

Our upcoming Workshops & Events

Not only does your Nia help keep me fit…it fills up joy from the inside.
Nancy Mcneill-Dwhytie, Georgetown, ON
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